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The Angelic Healing Mission

The Angelic Healing mission is grounded in the transformative power of holistic healing approaches. Led by a certified crystal and transpersonal psychology healer, reiki master, ayurvedic specialist, and psychic, Angelic Healing offers a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern techniques to guide clients toward their true potential.

It all starts with a deep understanding of the body-mind connection. Emphasizing the importance of self-discovery, we utilize a variety of modalities, including yoga, crystals, and Ayurvedic principles, to create a unique and personalized path to optimal well-being.

About Me

Welcome to Angelic Healing. Our services are led by myself, Evonne Perfect. I am a certified spiritual healer and intuitive guide with extensive training in various healing modalities. This includes yoga, crystal healing, reiki, Ayurveda, and essential oils.

I hold membership with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists and Yoga Alliance. As a graduate of Inner Engineering and advanced thinking courses, I understand the power of the mind-body connection.

I bring uplifting and humorous energy to my practice and love to make people feel good. In my free time, I enjoy swimming, dancing, spending time with my three children, and expressing my artistic side.


100% Certified Natural Therapist

Certified Crystal & Transpersonal Psychology Crystal Healer

Level 3 Reiki Master

Ayurvedic Specialist

Member of International Institute of Complementary Therapists

Member of Yoga Alliance

Contact me to learn more about my certifications and specialties.

Learn how to Optimize the Human Experience

Learn how to Optimize the Human Experience through Yogic, Crystals, Reiki and other. Angelic encounters, mystical moments, euphoric living.

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