"First Good Sleep Post-Surgery"

I slept well for the first time since my surgery after using your oils.


"Candles Soothe Autistic Daughter"

Your candles are the only thing that soothes my autistic daughter. I light it and she calms down.


"Relaxation On-The-Go"

Your oils relax me. I carry them with me everywhere.


"Life-Changing Impact"

You have changed my life.


"Relief After First Conversation"

I feel relaxed after talking to you for the first time in days.


"Better Life, Many Ways"

My life is so much better in so many ways because of you.


"Journey Restoration with Evonne"

Prior to my sessions with Evonne, I found myself feeling overwhelmed and easily distracted. I was in the midst of a significant shift in my business and began to doubt if I was on the right path, almost feeling like a fraud. However, after meeting with Evonne, my confidence was restored, and I felt like my journey was just beginning. The guidance she provided was concise and spot on, and her heartfelt compassion was truly remarkable.

With her help, I was able to engineer my path to my fullest potential and remain focused on my journey through guided meditations. Evonne also taught me how to effectively use crystals in my life, and her knowledge and ability to explain their use paired with her channeling made for a well-rounded and comprehensive experience.

I found her guidance to be far greater than any other healer I had worked with in the area of crystals. Additionally, Evonne addressed not only my career but also other areas of my life, such as family, finances, and relationships.

I highly recommend Evonne to anyone seeking clarity and guidance in any aspect of their life.


Learn how to Optimize the Human Experience

Learn how to Optimize the Human Experience through Yogic, Crystals, Reiki and other. Angelic encounters, mystical moments, euphoric living.

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